As of now, there is one questionnaire at your disposal in English.

For each fully completed questionnaire, you will immediately receive your personal profile and detailed explanations, facilitating the interpretation of your profile

Your current situation (eg. mood, stress level, …) might affect your responses. Hence, we kindly ask you to describe your particular situation by answering 10 questions at the beginning of every session.

Questionnaires can be processed repeatedly in order to compare various settings and points in time.

Questionnaire to assess professional interests (N-29-R; 207 questions)

Questionnaire to assess professional interests (N-29-R; 207 questions)

The updated N-29-R2 questionnaire is based on 30 dimensions to assess job-related individual tendencies. The questionnaire contains 207 items.


Hug, J. (1989). Neigungstest N-29. Anleitung zur Durchführung und Interpretation. Zürich: IAP.

Complete the questionnaire and receive your individual profile.

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